Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

At the foundation of this major are solid mathematical thinking and training, rich theory and methods of applied mathematics and knowledge of computer software. Students are supposed to receive the training in the following aspects: mathematical modeling, data analysis, computer software and mathematical software research and development. Students are trained to master the basic theories and methods of mathematics, thus to possess the ability to use mathematical knowledge and software development to solve practical problems in scientific research and teaching. The graduates of the major are supposed to be engaged in teaching, application, research and development and management in the field of science and technology, education, economy, finance, management and IT companies and other departments. Students are also encouraged to pursue the graduate education.

This major is the fundamental subjects. It is called the “parent subject “of other related majors. Whether it is for scientific data analysis, software development, animation, finance and insurance, international economy and trade, business management, or chemical and pharmaceutical engineering, communication engineering, architectural design, the knowledge of mathematics is always a prerequisite. A closer relation between the applied mathematics and other related majors always means a broader and more prosperous application prospects.

The core courses of this major are: mathematical analysis, advanced algebra, geometry, probability theory and mathematical statistics, ordinary differential equations, complex variable function, real variable function, functional analysis, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, data science, big data analysis, parallel and distributed computing, optimization, data mining, abstract algebra, point set topology.

The length of schooling of this major is four years. Students can receive a Bachelor of Science degree after graduation. The master's degree can also be granted in this major.